What is the Premium Token about?

The Delft Blue Night Watch Premium NFT token is currently not in public sale.  

We are currently developing this Premium Token more features will be added. We recommend to stay notified via our social channels.

This Premium Token is for the Patrons of the Art, Art Owners and Commercial Users. Owners of this token will have priority access to next pieces and have the option to submit artworks to the Art Attainment team for tokenization feasibility. This includes a 2 day Art Tokenisation Consultancy Package. 

On top of this for owners of the Premium Token can get in touch with our team to discuss a physical version (up to 3.63 X 4.37 meter) of the Delft Blue Night Watch. Details about this physical version can be discussed with our team. 

In the table below there is an overview of the known details of the Premium Token (last updated Oct 2022).

Premium token Not in public sale yet
Access Premium Lounge Metaverse
Priority access to next pieces
Max Supply (check distribution plan on our website)
Price Public Sale (expected 2023)
Introductory offer via myNFT.com*
Bid to earn starting at 0 ETH
Coupons on Polygon
with final delivery on Ethereum
Image Quality of full art work
Image of tile
Commercial use
Possibility to submit artwork for tokenization feasibility
Art Tokenisation Consultancy Package (2 days)
* limited number of tokens

interested in the premium token?