I am an art owner

Do you want to have your masterpiece in the digital world?

Millions of users worldwide are excited to get access to digital art. This creates an opportunity to introduce your masterpiece to the world. Join the new digital revolution so that everyone can see your masterpiece. Anywhere, Anytime.

Can you monetize this opportunity?

Yes, we offer a custom made solution.

Can anyone collaborate with us? 

If you own a remarkable or master piece of art, you are invited to contact us. Our experts will evaluate your object and inform you of its viability.

What is an NFT?

An NFT is a digital asset representing an item on the blockchain, such as artwork, music, in-game items, or even films. They are traded (bought and sold) online. Similar like all art and collectibles.

How do we digitize the Art work into NFT’s?
Digitizing art requires specialized tools and expertise. To assure excellent quality, our professionals follow the Metamorfoze Preservation Imaging guidelines.

Why we use the Blockchain?
We utilize the blockchain because it enhances security, trust, and transparency. The network allows for the interchange of data in a way that is very effective, transparent, traceable, and economical.

Can anyone collaborate with us?
Yes, you are welcome to get in touch with us if you own a remarkable piece of art or a (master)piece. Our experts will assess your object and let you know whether it is feasible.

Are there benefits for the Art Owner?
Yes, there are various benefits:

  • Financial opportunities.  You can generate revenues on your art.
  • We will facilitate the full process.
  • Display your art througout the world without exposing the actual (original) work to any risk
  • No high insurance costs involved
  • Being part of the new digital revolution
  • Preservation of your art and contribution to cultural heritage