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The Delft Blue Night Watch

Rembrandt’s Night Watch hand-painted in traditional Royal Delft Blue for the first time as a Physical and Digital NFT Collection.


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The Only Night Watch of Rembrandt in Royal Delft Blue

Digital and Physical NFT Collection

In 1648, Rembrandt painted the Night Watch, a historic and remarkable piece of art for its time that featured the “Militia Company of District II.”

Royal Delft Blue is a traditional technique that dates back to the 17th century and originates from the Chinese Ming and Kang Hsi Dynasties.

The DBNW was hand-painted by two master painters of the Royal Delft Company, and it can be visited in real life at the Royal Delft Museum in The Netherlands.

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The NFT Collection

Together, we’re creating a new way to experience art digitally and physically while preserving its qualities, legacy and authenticity.

The Original Delft Blue Night Watch is composed by 480 tiles. Each 3 NFTs represents one tile of the real-life physical art piece.

With the NFT, you will be able to claim the equivalent physical tile (verifiable via NFC) which you can collect, trade or put up for display in your favorite place.

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Delft Blue Tile

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Piece of History

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In 1568…

The Dutch revolted against the oppressive ruling of the Spanish Kingdom, which led to a bloody 80 years of war.

Due to the Spanish/Portuguese alliance, the Dutch got banned from the Lisbon market, where they bought most of their spices to resell in other European ports.

Because of this ban, the Dutch organized and founded the VOC or the “Dutch East India Company” in an effort to loot and capture the Portuguese colonies in Asia.

Through the VOC and other in-land efforts, the Dutch managed to seize their independence from the Spanish and become one of the world’s richest countries to this day.

During this time Militia Companies were in charge of protecting the cities against invasions and other threats.

The Delft Blue Night Watch registers the moment before the Militia Company of District II marches out to celebrate their newly acquired independece.

The Delft Blue Night Watch is the
start of something bigger

Art Attainment is an NFT art collective, uniting fans of art, history, and NFTs through immersive phygital (physical + digital) experiences.

Collective Roadmap


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Once, The Delft Blue Night Watch marked the end of one of the most important revolutions in history.

Today, it writes the first words in a new chapter in the history of Art.

we are

changing the way art is owned, collected and enjoyed through NFT technology.

making fine-art accessible to more people while eternalizing it on the blockchain.

allowing you to own a piece of history while merging the physical and digital realms of art

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to join our community and get early access


Who is the team behind the project?

Art Attainment is founded by a collective of digital and physical art collectors.

Vivek Joshi – CEO & Co-Founder

Rafael Guerreiro – Project Lead

Niels Luikinga – Co-Founder

Maria Godinho – Social Media Manager

Tiago Oliveira – Community Lead & Multimedia

Artur Lourenço – Partnerships Director

Daniel Godinho – Digital Marketing Manager

Tiago Magalhães – Art Curator & Advisor

What is An NFT?

NFT stands for “Non-Fungible Token”, a unique unit of data on a blockchain that can be linked to digital and physical objects to provide an immutable proof of ownership that cannot be copied, substituted or subdivided.

What can I do with a DBNW NFT?

DBNW NFTs allows you to own, trade and display a fraction of one of the most remarkable art pieces of Holland’s history.

Owning a DBNW NFT also grants you access to:

  1. Claim the equivalent physical tile (verifiable via NFT).
  2. The Art Attainment Pass – Providing privileged early access to all our upcoming collections.

When is the Mint Date, and what will be the Mint Price?

The Mint Date and price will be announced soon. Click on “Register” above to be amongst the first to know all DBNW announcements.

How do I get on discord?

We will announce our discord launch soon to all who registered. 

You can click “Register” above, to be the first to know when our discord launches. 

How do you digitize artwork to the highest possible quality?

We digitize museum quality Masterpieces according to the  Metamorfoze Preservation Imaging Guidelines. Metamorfoze preservation is the national program for the preservation of paper heritage and is a partnership between the Koninklijke Bibliotheek and the National Archives. The guidelines are used for digitizing photographs, paintings and technical drawings in the highest possible quality.  Metamorfoze Preservation Imaging Guidelines are used internationally.

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